Wednesday, December 19, 2007


When I arrived at court today for my lawyer of the day duties for juveniles, there were television cameras and reporters all over the place. It would seem that our little Farmington District Court was the setting for an extradition hearing on a man who was arrested last night in Kingfield for a horrible murder committed almost 30 years ago in Indiana. As the sheriff's car pulled up to the back of the courthouse with the prisoner, I actually saw a cameraman for Channel 13 hang out of a window in order to get the footage. In sharp contrast to that, Kevin Joyce did an admirable job of representing the defendant. Kevin has a real air of professionalism and competence about him and always does a good job for whoever he represents. Most all of the attorneys that I am privileged to practice with in this rural outpost of civilization are the same way. The lawyers of western Maine--the jokes are not about us.


The Texican said...

I think you are probably correct about the lawyers of western Maine. I understand statistically 99% of lawyers mess it up for the rest of you.

Beth said...

that took me a second, but I got it.
You are funny, Texican.