Sunday, December 9, 2007

High School Baskeball

Last night we went up to the high school for the first boys' basketball game of the year. This is the first time since we've lived in Maine (9 years at Christmas!!) that Dirigo has fielded a boys team with a real shot at winning. In the past, I've always felt really bad for the boys' team because they were so overshadowed by the girls and let's admit it, Dirigo basketball games are about the only thing to do in Dixfield during the winter and the basketball players are all we have as celebrity. But this year--the tables are turned and the boys looked great, they have lots of good solid players and then Chief's little brother who is 6'8" and doesn't miss the basket.

We sat with Chief's parents and caught up on what he is up to and then, lo and behold in he came. He looks great, asked about E and the wedding and introduced us to his fiance.

It's funny how in high school, you have a bunch of kids who take the same classes, learn from the same teachers, play the same sports and have similar experiences; yet after high school graduation, they scatter and each pursue something different and become their own unique self.

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