Monday, December 3, 2007

Monday, December 3, 2007

We woke up at 5:12 this morning to the ring of the phone bringing the wonderful words, "No School Today". While C rolled over and went back to sleep, as teachers are allowed to do on snowy days, I got up to check on the status of the Maine District Courts. As always happens when we have a blizzard, I was scheduled to be in South Paris today. Fortunately, the Judge decided to cancel and so I faced the prospect of an unexpected snow day, too.

The forecasters predict that we may get as much as two feet of snow before it ends tomorrow morning. That is good news for all the winter activity businesses in Maine as well as for all the winter activity participants, like us!!

Yesterday, before the storm, A and I went to Pinkham Notch and he climbed up to the top of Mt. Washington with some friends while I hiked around on the eastern side of the mountain up to Tuckerman's Ravine. The snow was pretty well packed on the trails, I never even got to use my new traction devices. I didn't see any wildlife or even any tracks, disappointingly, but I did enjoy seeing the rivers in a semi-frozen state. The area around rocks was frozen, whether the rocks were under the water or above, the water ran around and over the ice and had a very greenish tint. I guess it's the minerals that make it that way, but I'm not sure why it is more pronounced now, unless it is contrast with the white ice.

I got back to the lodge before A did, so I curled up with a cup of coffee and E's latest wonderful reading recommendation The Omnivores Dilemna
I'm thinking that I'll probably never eat again after reading 100 pages of that book.

Well, I'm going to have fun with this blog. I was inspired by reading one by a young woman who teaches with C, Amity Beane

It seems like a fun way for me to keep up with what I'm up to anyway.


Anonymous said...

I guess it is a good thing that you didnt start that book until AFTER thanksgiving then huh...



Amity said...

I'm honored to have inspired you :)