Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I overheard a conversation this morning that went something like this, "Well, I just met him and he seems really nice--he said he's from Louisiana but his driver's license is from North Dakota, so I'm not sure where he's from."

Is it really possible to not be sure if someone is from Louisiana or North Dakota? I think that if the accent didn't give it away, then surely one question could ascertain their state of origin.

Some possibilities:
  • So, I've always wondered what is the Atchafalaya?
  • What exactly is in jumbalaya?
  • How do you pronounce b-e-i-g-n-e-t?
  • What is that green vegetable in gumbo?
  • Marie Laveau did my hair, do you like it?
but, you couldn't miss with this one
  • So, what direction does the Red River run?

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Beth said...

Hi, Beth,
I tried to comment, but I'm not smart enough. That must be another sign of being from Louisiana.

If they are real stump jumping crayfish (that's pronounced 'CRAW FISH') eaters, they can cross a swamp cypress knee to cypress knee without ever getting their feet wet.
But the real test of a true Louisiana gentleman is if he opens doors for you, helps you with your coat and treats you like a lady.
Love you,