Sunday, December 30, 2007

Winter walk, December 30, 2007

Today is a warm-up day, the temperature is comfortably above freezing for the first time since Thanksgiving and I decided to head out across the Webb River into Back Kingdom. After a month of reading nature blogs and re-reading Bernd Heinrich's The Winter World and Donald Stokes, A Nature Guide to Winter, I had a heightened awareness of all sorts of subtle nature activity as I headed into the woods.

I was excited to find a dead tree that was tipping a bit and was all washed out under the roots. so I crawled up into the hollowed space
expecting a bear--or at least tracks or scat of an animal that might have taken shelter in there, but no signs, I'll keep checking it through the winter. There seemed to be a tunnel at the back of the hollow, but I wasn't brave enough to stick anything in to see what might stir from its torpor.

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Texican said...

Sounds refreshing except for climbing in the hole under the tree. It was comfortably above 75 here today when I took my walk. I was awakened from my Sunday torpor by my wife. She has no fear. If the bear is old enough it is safe to wake him.