Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A wool sock day

Today was a wonderful work-at-home day for me. I wrapped up in a favorite wool sweater and cozy socks and kept the fire going, petted lots of cats, met C for a slice of pizza at Chez Ellis during his de minimis teacher lunch and still managed to write a couple of reports, read stacks of discovery and return a bunch of phone calls. But, in between all the productivity, I couldn't help but drift in daydream to Chile and April, 2008.

Yesterday, I e-mailed brother and said, "Aconcagua is near your new country--can we go?" He e-mailed back and said "Of course, we can."

Back in the days when my heart had the elasticity to read fiction, I loved to read books by Isabel Allende. She is a Chilean author who writes so lovingly about her homeland that, from her stories, I feel like I have already been there. Today, I looked at her website and found her 2006 book, Ines of My Soul and think, maybe it's time to take a chance again.

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