Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008's First Blizzard--No time wasted

The forecasters are predicting 12-18 inches of new snow by tomorrow morning. According to the weather historian in our house, there hasn't been a winter in northern New England like this since 1970.

An e-mail from Texican today told me that he and his wife spent New Year's Eve strolling along the beach near their home in South Texas wearing shorts. From the other hemisphere, Brother called last night--it is summer and hot in Chile.

So, I guess we are all getting what we bargained for when we chose our locales. I'm a snow bunny, there is no doubt, and not at all jealous of 80 degree temperatures--but check back with me in April--I may be ready to switch.

When the snow started this afternoon, I put on the snowshoes and headed down into Backkingdom again and just stood and listened in the forest to the snow and the creaking trees-- and the distant roar of snowmobiles.


Texican said...

I turned on the heat in the house this morning. It must be in the low forties. So cold here in fact, the temperature was not available on my computer. Several years ago, it snowed on Christmas Day. There were life time residents here who had never seen snow. I am enjoying a vicarious adventure in snow games through your pics and running commentary.

Beth said...

If only there was some way to throw a cyber snowball!! Enjoy your cold snap.

Anonymous said...

How do you all make it through all that snow? We would be shut down for two months here!

Beth said...

snow shoes, perseverance and 4-wheel drive!