Sunday, January 13, 2008

P.S., home misses you already

The girls flew back to D.C. today. For S, her last semester; for M, her second. It's been a mighty nice month for their mom--the house is full of so much energy, dialogue and hilarity when they are around. I'll live off the echoes of their conversations for weeks but right now, the house seems pretty empty and I won't be putting away their things for a few days. The clutter will allow me to pretend they are still nearby until the ache of missing them subsides a bit.


Anonymous said...

I feel you. I'm thankful my daughter went to school locally and lived at home but now that she's in the real world with new friends leaving home is just around the corner.

Beth said...

it's never easy and I'm sure you will miss her, but with instant messenger, cell phones and digital cameras it's a lot easier to stay close.

Texican said...

Our nations Capitol will be exponentially prettier when those two arrive.