Thursday, January 3, 2008

Somewhere far away

While S is home before the start of her last semester, she has to get checked by the dentist, the eye doctor and the medical doctor so that the Peace Corps will know how healthy she is before assigning a definite post.

With a greedy thirst for knowledge and a certain zeal for vicarious living, I am following blogs by current volunteers in her potential countries.

A few of the questions on her health form:
  • Can you walk long distances on rough or uneven terrain?
  • Can you tolerate riding in a vehicle on rough roads?
  • Can you ride a bicycle on rough roads?
  • Can you bend, squat, kneel and climb without any problems?
  • Can you tolerate heat above 90 degrees, cold below 40 degrees, dampness, altitude?


Texican said...

I thought for a minute S might be coming here. The question about being able to tolerate altitude nixed it though. Our highest peak is thirteen feet above sea level. If she wants to stay Stateside, we fit all the other criteria.

Beth said...

I'll let her know!