Sunday, January 6, 2008

Snowshoe Walk on the Christmas Tree Farm

The girls and I took our snow shoes and went to visit the Grands in Sumner. Grandmom put on her snowshoes to join us on our walk through the farm; Granddad, nursing a sore knee, stayed behind to be in charge of the hot chocolate.

We headed out through the Christmas trees. No one had yet been on the four-feet deep snow and it was difficult to break trail. We rotated the lead position and eventually made our way to the cabin and then on to the river. It was a beautiful day--comfortable temperatures and the good company of three generations of strong, adventurous women.


Jim said...

I just read your article about walking through the Christmas tree farm. I was wondering if you can explain how it is walking in snow shoes? I've never used them before and I think it's incredible that you can walk on four feet of snow!

Beth said...

Hi Jim, It's really fun and easy to walk with snowshoes. My mother is 75 and enjoys it. You just put the straps of the snowshoe over your boots and off you go. It's easiest if the trail is packed so if you go with a group usually everyone rotates the lead position which is the hardest. With the leader breaking trail for a few minutes then cycling to the back of the line for the easy walking. You should try it!