Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What do you notice?

Last night as we enjoyed our dinner while watching the local news, the sports anchor showed a video of Tom Brady with a plastic cast on his right foot. The video was taken as the Patriots' quarterback walked toward his girlfriend's apartment in New York. My comment, was "Oh, he's bringing her flowers." I think C gave me a sideways glance, but I can't be sure.

When the camera went back to the set of the local news, the sportscaster and the male anchor were commiserating about the ramifications of a possible foot injury to the Patriots' chance in the Super Bowl. The female anchor said, "I just noticed that he was bringing her flowers."

What do you notice?
Hypothesis: This may break pretty clearly along gender lines.


Texican said...

It's way too early to noctice anything. First of all you gave away the ending. From the picture, I would not have known that it was Tom Brady, or what he had in his hands. But, you are right about the focus in observation, that's why men rarely write advice columns. In our area, had he been dressed like that with an arm load of goods, we would probably suspect he just robbed the local convenience store.

Anonymous said...

I saw it on ESPN Sportcenter and only noticed it because they had that yellow circle around it as in your picture, otherwise I would have noticed the flowers. They (The media) are really making a big deal out of nothing as they allways do.
Two reasons to watch the Super Bowl: To see if a team can go 19-0 or to see if two brothers can win back to back Super Bowls.

Sara said...

hahaha, i like that observation.