Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Goodbye, Swinger

I remember when my family got a Polaroid Swinger camera in the late 1960's.

I thought that it was an indication that maybe we were going to be cool and hip--that my father might grow out his hair and my mother might start wearing hoop earrings, turquoise eye shadow and miniskirts--that maybe I would be like Marcia Brady.

It didn't happen, our hipness didn't extend much beyond the camera. Now Polaroid is closing down its instant camera line, I guess that's progress--but I will always remember how very cool I felt with that Swinger hanging from my wrist.


mon@rch said...

Isn't it a shame that Polaroid is closing up shot? I always loved taking pictures with my polaroid and then they came out with the disposables! Double wow . . they were soo much fun! Will be missed for sure!

The Texican said...

Some collector will probably buy it. Our Main Street Cafe has a wonderful collection of all the old stuff we used to have. I probably threw away thousands of dollars worth of memorabilia through the years. Not everybody can be rich.

Mary said...


Polariod cameras were a highlight in the 60's and 70's. Instant fun! Now I'm wondering what happened to the Polariod camera I used... I have a box of photos taken with it.

Yes, the uncool were very cool with a Polariod camera :o)

I wonder if anyone remembers the Instamatics with the flashcube?


LM said...


My father worked at Polaroid in Waltham MA for about 35 years. He worked long hours to raise the ten of us. He was a quality control guy for the film dept. I have one of the original instant Polaroid spectra vision cameras he used to test the new spectra film at the time. Myabe it is 25 - 30 years old not sure. It has the original strap and manual and is in great condition. I had it under my desk at work and have been meaning to get film for it. I better hurry up now. My father passed away just over 4 years ago. I still have his Polaroid ID that I treasure. Thanks for reminding me of these great cameras. IT MADE MY DAY!


David M

Beth said...

I do remember the flash cubes! You popped them into the top of the camera and they came in a box of 3 or 4. Oh, the 60's and 70's--I hate that they were so long ago~

beckie said...

We are really telling our age, those of us who remember such! But weren't they wonderful at the time!?

Trixie said...

WOW! WOW! WOW! That is the coolest thing. You did not instantly morph into Marcia? I am shocked!