Saturday, February 2, 2008

In the fall, A stacked about 3 cords of wood in the barn, we are just getting to the rows stacked in early October and found a cache of sunflower seeds and corn in fairly large piles scattered down the row.

Whoever stashed these away for the winter, found them because the sunflower seeds are empty. There is no sign of any mouse droppings around and I'm curious as to what critter might have hidden his winter food supply in our wood pile. I kind of like the idea of life traveling around in little tunnels made by our firewood eating food and keeping warm.


The Texican said...

I know professional baseball players eat a lot of sunflower seeds. Maine doesn't have a pro team in Dixfield do they?

Seabrooke said...

My guess is that the seeds were left there by a chickadee, who usually build up several caches in the fall for emergency stores for winter. I remember one winter when growing up where my parents had taken the door off the screened-in porch for the winter (so that the fuel guy could still get in to reach the service lines once the snowdrifts started forming) and a chickadee started coming in and caching seeds in a rolled-up rug propped in a corner. When the rug was eventually moved there was a pretty impressive store built up there.

Beth said...

What a great story--you might be right. that row of wood could have been exposed for a few days until he brought in the next load. I wish I had seen the chickadees flying in and out of my barn. We do have a dove the flies in every spring and nests. I keep meaning to fix the broken window that she uses, but forget until I see her flying in again and then she has a nest and I can't fix it until the babies are grown and then I forget again.