Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunset on Katahdin

Heading south on I-95 after a nice weekend exploring the northern reaches of the continental United States, the sunset behind Maine's great mountain was breathtaking.


nina said...

What a beautiful view.
Have you hiked Katahdin?

I've only experienced it in Thoreau's writings.

Beth said...

Thanks, Nina, I have climbed Katahdin a few times. I have sort of a love-hate relationship with the mountain. It is difficult to climb from any angle and every time that I climb it I say, "I'm never doing that again." and then the next year, I'm thinking well, it really wasn't that bad!
If you look to the left of the peak you can see a flat area called the Tablelands--that's where Thoreau Spring is and as far as Thoreau went in his climb.
A very special mountain

Kathiesbirds said...

Beth, How I use to love to see Mt. Katahdin whenever we travelled from Presque Isle southward! It is a stunning mountain, though I have yet to hike it! Perhaps someday I will. Love the photo!

Michael said...

Nice pic. I have a camp near there and like to hike Katahdin at least once each year. It is a tough climb as you say, but what an experience. It's the coming down that kills me