Saturday, March 15, 2008

Cupcakes--it's a whole new world

I have four children--between them they have had 79 birthdays. That's a lot of birthday parties. If we count Halloween parties, Easter parties, sports banquets and all the other celebrations associated with their school days, I must have baked thousands of cupcakes over the years. Back in the day, I thought fancy was a piece of candy corn on a Halloween cupcake.

Today oldest daughter called from a sunbeam in Georgetown while she waited to go to her waitressing job. She related to me the wonderful day that she had had--it being the first day of Spring break--she had gone to J. Crew and bought her first pair of flip flops of the year, had lunch with a friend and then she said....."we tried to go to Georgetown Cupcake but the line was way too long and I had to go to work in an hour." Hmm, a line, a cupcake store, $2.75 per cupcake, an hour not enough time????

Well according to the Washington Post, cupcakes have been hip since 1996 when they were one of the pleasure sought by the women on Sex and the City. I must have been too busy baking cupcakes in those years to have noticed.

Maybe if the bait store in our town goes out of business, a cupcake store would work. The smell of baking cupcakes might cover up any lingering fishy odor.


The Texican said...

$3.50 for some fancy coffee, and a cupcake @ $2.75, you need a good job just to snack. One block of premium coffee can be purchased for near five bucks. That's good for probably eighty cups of good coffee. Good profit if you can get folks to bite. Where have all the flowers gone? Long time passing.

Mary said...

Beth, $2.75 for a cupcake? Where have I been?

Flip flops and JCrew. Nice memories there. It's still the rage.

I wonder how many cupcakes I've baked in my lifetime. You have four kids and I only have one. You win the prize :o)

SJ said...

I'll go into business with you selling cupcakes!

Beth said...

it's a deal Sarah, we'll have cupcakes, legal advice and tutoring--not to mention wi-fi and lots of good music.