Friday, March 21, 2008

Have you gotten greener?

A few years ago, a friend would stop in twice a week to help one of my kids with some schoolwork.  It seemed that no matter what I was preparing for dinner on the afternoons she was here, it was the same as what she was planning to make when she got home.  Our minds must still work alike because today she wrote about the same thing that I was planning.  

A lot of folks have made changes recently that reflect a desire to lessen their carbon footprint, reduce spending on energy or to live healthier lifestyles.   

Last year for Mother's Day, my son put a clothesline up for me in the backyard.  I used it as long as I could into the Fall only stopping when the clothes froze solid.  Through the cold weather, we try very hard to keep a fire in the wood stove.  By doing that, we are able to keep the thermostat on 60 degrees and (knock on wood) no one has gotten sick.  For each of the past nine months, our electric use has gone down 30 percent compared to the same month the year before.   

As I wrote in some earlier posts, we are trying to eat meat from sustainable farms.  It has meant eating less meat than before because it is more expensive and it has meant experimenting with different foods and different recipes.  There are sustainable farms within the areas that I routinely travel allowing pick up without any additional carbon emission.

What are some of the changes that you have made?


Kathiesbirds said...

Beth, I have started using paper towels made from recycled paper, green dish soap and window cleaner, and I use canvas bags at the grocery store (I'm even starting to remember to bring them in!) We also use many types of organic foods. I would really love to go solar but I have to convince my husband the initial investment is worth it. After the backyard renovation is done I want to check into it somemore because there are some really good rebates out there. Here is AZ, summer is our high energy use time and I try to not use AC until it gets too unbearable. But sometimes you just need that relief! However, I do miss huddling around a good wood fire in the winter with a warm cup of tea!

TheElementary said...

-We make lists for a weekend so we economise on driving to the bank, grocery, library and so on. So we make one trip really.
-We make our own bread now instead of buying packets.
-We heat one room and live mainly in there unless we cook or watch a movie. Thankfully we have a small apartment to do so.

I wish I could use a clothes line again. Maybe in our next place...
No doubt I've said this before but your posts are always thought provoking. I'm sure they help to make the world a little better.

Mary said...

Beth, we have made small changes. We have been buying fresh and local foods more often and are using energy efficient lightbulbs now. The drought has made a tremendous impact on our lifestyles - not very appealing - but it has made us much more aware of waste. Water is precious.

SJ said...

What more can I say than "Great minds think alike!" Maybe we were connected in a past life....

The Texican said...

I'm proud of all of you. I wish someone would tell Al Gore. He has probably the largest carbon footprint in the nation. I like the idea of more efficient light bulbs. I just believe some of our smart engineer types can come up with new technology so that we don't need to return to using privies.

Beth said...

Kathie, it sounds and looks like you have everything you could possibly want out there--I loved the pictures of your backyard work--you put in your time with wood fires and tea--enjoy life in the southwest
Elementary, I love the words you use--packets for bread--that is so lyrical.
Mary, buying local food is a good one, you probably have a good supply especially in the summer--tomatoes, I am dreaming of fresh tomatoes.
Texican, the light bulbs are great--I just wish they didn't look so weird.
SJ, yes we are both brilliant and were probably sisters in the last go 'round