Friday, March 28, 2008

I took a walk with a girl on my caseload the other day and we talked about the past and the future and she told me every single detail that she imagined for her wedding--with the exception that she couldn't quite identify the man at the end of the aisle. Daydreams. We stopped and admired the shadows on this shed.

Later I headed to L. L. Bean to pick up a pair of shoes that my daughter had requested. The big boot is a landmark that I thought might be enjoyed by those of you who only know L. L. Bean through the catalog.


TheElementary said...

I know that boot! How strange to think of it. I was there in late November. Our good friend had just had heart surgery and we went up there to see her; she was let out of hospital that very morning and wanted to show us L.L. Bean's...we had not seen it before. She was advised to walk and get fresh air.
My husband had just been seriously ill as well and so I had to walk very slowly to be careful of both of them in the pre-Christmas crowd. I loved the place all lit up and beautiful, but I was so worried for both of them. That boot photo just prompted such feeling. A strange time.

The Texican said...

I too remember my tour of L.L. Bean when we visited Auntie Maine and Uncle Tom. Great memories. I hope to get back soon

Beth said...

thanks for your comment....and yes, I think those beanie baby crazed moms are now the scrapbookers of today.

did I tell you in an earlier post that my sister lives in Maine ?
In Stockton Springs ?

and with you being an attorney, did I tell you that I'm a CASA ?

Beth said...

The Elementary, it must have been hard trying to look out for two recovering people in the pre-christmas mob.

Texican, it's on the list of places to see whenever family visits.

Beth, I didn't know you are CASA, that's really interesting. 70% of my practice is as a GAL in child protective cases. We have CASA in Portland and maybe some of the other cities, but not out in the willy wacks where I practice. I admire the work you all do.

Tom said...

Ahh, the boot. I love it. When we visit my in-laws Oxford County, we always make a trip down to freeport to see the boot. And get a whole bunch of clothes!

Tom @ Ohio Nature

mon@rch said...

Wow Beth, that is one heck of a boot! I sure hope it isn't too big! LOL