Saturday, March 29, 2008

Last snow shoe hike

I went snowshoeing at my folks' place today, probably the last snow shoe of the season for me. The snow is losing it's weightbearing properties and next weekend I'm heading to DC to see 3/4 of my children and cherry blossoms.

As we ate lunch after my difficult hike, my mother, the Missisissippi girl, said "well, it's been interesting to make it through a hard Maine winter but next year I don't think I'll be quite so excited when I see the first snowflake."


Anonymous said...

It's good you're spending time with you parents. (You're such a good daughter.) Your trip to D.C. will give you spring fever! (You're such a good mother.) I hope when you get back home, it'll be spring there too!(You should see the Bradford Pear blooms now. If it's sunny tonorrow I'll take a pic for you.)
Your photography is getting better with each picture! It helps too when you live in a postcard! :)

SJ said...

Beth, Must we start talking about the first snowflake of next year? I'm still not over all the flakes we got this year.

The Texican said...

"Out, out #&*# snowflake" W. Shakespeare. Well, maybe that was Auntie Maine. Still looks pretty to those of us who rarely see a real snowflake. Snowed here a couple of years back and it was a lifetime experience for some.

beckie said...

Beth, quite a change of climate for your mom! Have fun with the kids and take lots of cherry blossom pictures.

Mary said...

Beth, enjoy D.C. and the Cherry Blossoms. Most of all, enjoy your children in a city that's full of beauty this time of year. I've been to D.C. during Cherry Blossoms many times. Have your camera charged.

Beth said...

Louis, I miss Bradford Pear--they are so beautiful in Tennessee.

SJ, no let's not talk about the first snowflake--let's talk about the first front porch sit!

Texican, yes, that was probably Auntie Maine

Beckie, it is a change of climate, but she's a good sport and has really enjoyed living in Maine.

Mary, I will have the camera charged! I am so excited about seeing things growing and not wearing mittens and a hat and boots!

TheElementary said...

I'm with your mother on this one. I too am jaded of the Winter. It got cold again yesterday and we had to scrape ice off the car this morning; feels like it will never end.