Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Fiesta

Brother's bride encouraged a friend of hers to build a venue for celebrations in Villa Alhue--the happy couple provided the start up funds by agreeing to hold their wedding reception there. The construction is sticks woven together, filled in with adobe and covered with cement.

It is a large room with plenty of area for tables and dancing. The last of it was finished the day of the wedding.

The ceiling was made of linen draped and tacked to the rafters. It was a nice effect.

The meal was delicious with grilled chicken and beef and plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit. Brother even had the caterer make southern sweet iced tea to go along with the Chilean wine.

After we ate, we danced to the strong Latin beat from the orchestra. I was self-conscious and concerned about not knowing how to dance in Chile, but C assured me that we should just jump in and do our own thing--we did and had a great time. Brother said "Wow, you two are good--do you dance a lot in Maine?" I thought that was funny because actually we don't ever dance in Maine--we hike, we shovel snow, we watch Jeopardy! and baseball but we don't ever dance.

We never made it to the cake cutting, as we had an early ride to Santiago to start our journey home and Mom and Dad were ready to go back to the guest house but we did manage to kick up our heals until after 1 a.m.--a new record for us.


The Texican said...

Way to go Beth and C. Boogie till the cows come home. I bet you did just fine. Iced tea? I guess it's better than a wine hangover when you have a long trip ahead of you. I hope your trip goes well. Look forward to more great pics and stories.

Kathiesbirds said...

Beth, what fun you've had! The comment about Dancing really made me chuckle! I hope you land safely back in the land of blackflies which I'm sure are waiting for you now that the snow has melted!

Kathiesbirds said...

BTW, Gus, my husband and native Mainiac, says the only dancing you do in Maine is on the black ice! Ha!

SJ said...

Between shoveling, hiking, and watching the Sox and Jeopardy who has time to dance? Maybe we could invent a new hobby, shovel dancing.

SJ said...

I finished Remember Me? over vacation, thanks for the wonderful read. I sent it on to Rach with the following included:

Congratulations! You are the proud recipient of a well traveled book from a line of bloggers. You have been selected to read the book and pass it on to another fellow blogger. Once you have finished reading the book, please post a blog about it, including links back to the previous readers. Also, please post a comment on the previous readers blogs so that they can see how far the book has traveled!

Jayne said...

Whoo hoooo.... 1AM! I'd have been dead on my feet! Congratulations to your brother and the entire family.

TheElementary said...

Isn't it funny that people are the same the world over- my husband is from India and you said a lot of things that reminded me of things he's told me, especially the food and the arrangement of the wedding. You're a great travel writer.