Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Like a brain massage

I never win anything--well that's not exactly true. When I was 19, I won a year's supply of bacon--a pound a week from the grocery store--fortunately, I moved away before I could consume it and lose my girlish figure.

Then one time I won a free coca cola--the bottle cap said "You are a winner!" I kept it on my kitchen window sill for a boost anytime my self esteem bucket was running on empty.

Then a few weeks ago, Bookbabie decided to give away a copy of Remember me by Sophie Kinsella. Somehow the stars must have been smiling down on me, because I won!

It was very generous of Bookbabie. When I picked up my mail just before leaving for Washington last week there was a package waiting for me with the book in it. The delivery was well-timed, I needed an engrossing book to get through the flight. I hate to fly and have often held the hand of a perfect stranger sitting next to me just to get through take off and landing. So far, my random handholding has been taken with a good dose of humor--but it is embarrassing and you never know when my luck might change on that. So, with the book in my lap and reading glasses on my nose, I was able to totally ignore my seat mate and dive into the world of Lexi Smart who wakes up in the hospital and discovers that somehow she has misplaced 3 years of her memory--years in which she apparently had gotten a big promotion, cosmetic dentistry, a handsome and rich husband, collagen implants and a new set of friends.

As Lexi drew the pieces of her new life out of her Louis Vuitton handbag, I couldn't help but feel like she was someone I might have known--she was the kind of girl who might have won a years worth of bacon from the supermarket, kept a winning bottle cap or held the hands of strangers on an airplane--well at least she had been that girl--the woman with the Louis Vuitton bag was someone else altogether--a hard-edged professional who despite the outward appearance of wealth and success had a carb-free lifestyle and was known as the cobra.

The story is highly entertaining--I took off and landed twice while reading and never once had to muffle the urge to scream. I noticed that the book was prominently displayed in the airport gift shops, so maybe it is known for it's calming effect on fearful flyers.

Thank you bookbabie, you are kind and generous and provided me with a wonderful reading experience. In keeping with the blogging tradition with which I got the book, I'm going to pass it on to friend and fellow River Valley Blogger SJ.


Anonymous said...

Yay Beth, I was hoping you'd like it since you would be trapped on a plane reading it! It was a fun read, she's good chick-lit writer:)

rach :) said...

I have the same fear of flying, so I'll be sure to borrow this one when we head to my sister in MT next summer!


Beth said...

bookbabie, you are right about it being chick lit, I didn't even try to explain it to my husband or my son.
rach, you will like it and will forget that you are flying!

Beth said...

bookbabie, you are right about it being chick lit, I didn't even try to explain it to my husband or my son.
rach, you will like it and will forget that you are flying!

Mary said...

Beth, I love your confessional-style of writing. It really works for you and ME! Re-read that book when you travel next time. Take-offs scare me more than landings - odd but true.

I won a football pool once and danced about it - not knowing a darn thing about the sport :o)

I put that book on my Amazon wish-list :o)

SJ said...

Boy Beth you really do know how to make my night - and tonight you have done it twice! Once with a wonderful bit of gossip and second with a wonderful book to read and then pass on!

Weather Boy said...

Man, that's a lot of bacon (adding my decidedly un-chick-lit voice to the choir...)

The Texican said...

Beth, You really should try and sell a few of your book reviews to interested magazines. Yours are better than most I've read. Pork fat rules.

TheElementary said...

Beth, congratulations on winning something! I'm like you- I seem to never get picked for anything that's good.
We must be kept aside for better things, I suppose :) I'm happy you won a book, and at just the right time, too.

beckie said...

I agree with Texican. Your reviews have made me want to read those books. I'd like to do that-read and get paid for it!

Kathiesbirds said...

Beth, what a great review. Timing is everything, isn't it! Kudos to bookbabie for such an awesome prize! BTW, are you starting to thaw out up there yet?

RuthieJ said...

Thanks for the book review--I'm going to add it to my wish list at the local library.
Fortunately I never had to fly while knitting needles were banned--knitting is my security blanket while flying!

Anonymous said...

Beth, it's fair to identify my father as a "liberal Archie Bunker". He was a voracious reader and late in his life told me he didn't like women writers.

"They write differently," he said.

I told him he was being ridiculous so he asked me what women writers I enjoyed reading.

Much to my embarrassment, I was lost. The only I could think of was Diane Ackerman and Harper Lee.

Since that point I've gone out of my way seeking out good women writers. Recently I read "Water for Elephants" and loved it. Now I'm reading Elizabeth Gilbert's "Eat, Pray, Love." I would recommend both highly and would consider neither to be chick lit.


The Texican said...

I knew you would like a little Lacy J., that's why I put it on the site. It seemed to fit the day's post. Glad you are back and commenting again. Look forward to the next time.

Larry said...

That doesn't sound like a book that I would read but I enjoyed your entertaining review.-A year's supply of bacon-Sounds like one of those consolation prizes from a
70's game show! You've just won a cse of Turtle Wax Sue-B Honey and RRRRice-a Roni -The San Francisco treat.