Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Villa Alhue

Villa Alhue was destroyed in an earthquake that struck central Chile in March of 1985. Some buildings have been rebuilt using materials salvaged from the old buildings and some were never rebuilt. The evidence of the earthquake is everywhere.

At 3 a.m., we were awoken to the ground trembling. A regular phenomenon here but one that we had never experienced before.

Texican asked about my mama and papa, Here is a picture of them under the grape arbor showing pictures of their world of snow to the family.

The people here are lovely and generous. They have good manners that bridge our language barriers but I wish that I had taken the time to learn more than pleasantries in Spanish so that I could really get to know them.

Today we are heading to Isla Negra on the coast to visit a museum and home of Pablo Neruda.

On the way back from the coast, we hope to stop in San Pedro and see a group from the Untied States who are here to help build a church. I learned of them in a comment from Rondi at May's Day


The Texican said...

Looking good in Chile. Glad all are gathered in for the festivities. "Donde esta el bano?" is a pretty important question to learn before traveling in the Spanish speaking countries. Give everyone our best. Have a great time.

beckie said...

A tremor, how scary! Especially after seeing the damage from others. Thank you for your links-interesting. Have a fabulous time.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the interesting bulletins. So glad to know all arrived safely, and that you're doing your bit for globalization at the personal level, with the aid of Creedence Clearwater and the Eagles. Continued safe journeying, and saludos to all.

Rondi said...

If you do stop by to see them, give them my greetings! I'm in upstate New York right now....Thousand Islands Region...Alexandria Bay (for education meetings).