Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A get away

It's been kind of a frazzling few weeks around here what with the end of the school year and way too many court days, not to mention the personal turmoil. So, when the going gets tough; the tough get going--I cleared my calendar and we're heading off for a long weekend!

So, do not worry (yes, Texican--that means you) when you don't see fresh posts--I will return renewed in a few days.

We are heading to New York--Ruth's posts about her trip with her daughters whetted my appetite for a bite of the Big Apple.

As I have confessed publicly on this blog before, I am married to a Yankees fan--so we have seats on the third base side for Friday night's game at Yankee Stadium. I was told not to ask how much they cost--so I won't but I hope there's enough discretionary funds left for hotdogs.

We have plans to meet up with a good friend of Charlie's from Germany who is working at the United Nations for a few months and I have a hankering to explore Central Park. Other than that, maybe a meal at a little Bleecker Street restaurant we discovered last year.

Have a good weekend, see you next week!


Ruth said...

I hope your trip is at least as good as ours was. My youngest daughter is already planning a return trip. Looking forward to your next posts.

SJ said...

Enjoy your trip, even if it is to see the Yankees!

Thomas F. Ryan said...

Married to a Yankees fan! And to think Atticus and I almost joined you on a trip up Garfield.

Have fun and please say hello to the Steinbrenners. Tell them you're from New England, home of the NBA champions and MLB champions, and (well almost) NFL champions.

beckie said...

Good for you! Married to a Yankee fan, YES! I knew there was something I liked about Charlie. I have been a Yankee fan since the days of Marris and Mantle, Yogi, and all the greats. At one time(years and years ago) I could quote stats on every player on the team. Then I discovered boys...oh well, I still enjoy watching a good game. Have loads of fun!

Jayne said...

Have a wonderful, restorative time away Beth! Can't wait to hear all about it. Good luck to the Yankees!

The Texican said...

Hi Beth, Thanks for letting me know you would be gone so I wouldn't worry when you didn't post everyday.:) I hope you have a great time in the Big Apple.

Anonymous said...

Be sure to visit Strawberry Fields!

Larry said...

Being an avid Red Sox fan, I never did like the Yankees much. I hope they do just well enough to lose to the red Sox.-It makes things more exciting.-I hope you have a great time though.

Weather Boy said...

That restaurant sounds amazing! Have a great trip.

Charlie said...


I knew eventually you'd find out and would not be impressed--why did I know you'd be a Red Sox fan?

It is hereditary for me--at age ten, I saw my first Yankees doubleheader and Mantle and Maris both hit homeruns.

Seems like 2004 and 2007 have gone a long way to offsetting the Babe Ruth sale, the Sparky Lyle trade and Bucky Dent's homerun!

See you in the ALCS!