Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happy Anniversary

A year ago today, on the banks of the Ohio River, Ethan and Ann got married. It has been a mighty nice year for mom, hearing in phone calls, emails and instant messages how happy they are and what a fine life they are making for themselves.

Debt is enemy #1 for them and they are starting out their young lives making smart decisions that will affect their entire lives.

They respect each other and allow the other room to grow. Ann is such a strong, secure, intelligent young woman--willing to explore everything intellectually and verbally and to be firm in her opinions and I am very happy that my son was strong enough, secure enough and intelligent enough to value that in a woman.

Happy Anniversary, Ethan and Ann. I love you two and treasure your happiness.


The Texican said...

Congratulations to be passed along to the happy couple. Married on the banks of the Ohio - The first song I learned on the guitar was a two chorder called Down the Ohio. I almost drove the fam crazy singing it over and over as I tried to master the first two of the three chords I finally was able to fret.

Beth said...

"I asked my love to take a walk, just a walk a little way, and as we walked along we talked all about our wedding day, only say that you'll be mine, in our home we'll happy be, down beside where the rivers flow, down by the banks of the Ohio" well, the song goes downhill from there, but the first verse is good.

Jayne said...

How lovely to have such a great addition to your family. Happy Anniversary to Ethan and Anne!

TheElementary said...

Sometimes two people just compliment each other so perfectly well it's like a small miracle.
Congratulations to them.
Yes- I was thinking of the song too and oh, for sure does it go downhill. Spouse heard that first last year and he didn't quite catch all the lyrics, and after listening to it and enjoying the melody for weeks I spoiled it by telling him the words...