Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The longest day of the month for me

Once a month, the District Court where I primarily practice has a day devoted to juveniles. I am the designated juvenile lawyer and today is the July day.

I try to tell myself that the crimes and the numbers are much worse in other locations, but it is still always a very long day and one that doesn't do much to reinforce my natural optimism.

So, off I go after this last cup of coffee and I'll leave behind my computer and the Weather Channel and the news of Hurricane Dolly.

Batten down the hatches, cousin Texican and take care.


The Texican said...

Dolly is teasing us. The leading edge of her eye wall is about thirty miles east of Brownsville, Texas. We should know what she is really going to be about by 10:00 AM. I went to the store and bought mostly cookies. I think I can make it through the worst part of the storm with a good supply of cookies. I hope your day is easy. If I still have power later, you can fill me in. Thanks for the hurricane update. It looks more up to date than the one our local media is showing. Hee hee

Rose said...

Working with troubled juveniles has to be rather depressing. I hope your day goes well and that everything works out for the best for these young people.

Mary said...

Dealing with juveniles is more difficult, isn't it? I worked with the dean of discipline at a private high school for 14 years. Rough times. Hang in there, Beth!

Dolly is larger than I thought!

beckie said...

Beth, I know this is one of the more difficult parts to your work. But I am confident that your wisdom and carng will shine through and you will do your best for them.

TheElementary said...

However sad your day may be- and I hope not as bad as you think- you can return, at least, to the goodness of your home life and be assured you did something useful and decent today, and made a difference.
I'm sure those kids are very lucky to have you.

Beth said...

Texican, cookies are good--I could get through a storm with cookies.

Rose, thanks so much. It is hard but today went better than expected.

Mary, 14 years with school discipline is a long time--but I know from reading your blog that you are an optimistic resilient person--it helps, doesn't it.

Beckie, thanks I hate whining, but I was totally dreading today--last month's juvie day was really bad but today less so.

The Elementary, it is nice to be able to come home and shake the day off with my family and my cats and my garden and my blog reading!