Sunday, July 13, 2008

Run on the River

Kayaking on the 'scrog (local parlance for the Androscoggin River) was great fun yesterday. Molly and I met up with the group in Gilead, just a few miles east of the New Hampshire line. After shuttling our vehicles to Bethel where we planned to take out, we got onto the water about 11 a.m.

The day was sponsored by a group called Integrated Forest Management

Two of their foresters joined our group and provided a nice box lunch for all the participants--we really lucked out on that since Molly and I had packed peanut butter and jelly on stale white bread thanks to my being too stressed out from brief writing to go to the grocery store.

But, after finishing my brief on Friday evening, I was ready for a day of lazy river kayaking and it was a perfect day. After our tasty box lunches on an island, we got back into our kayaks and soon found a young moose at the river's edge. He wasn't that excited about all the colorful kayaks and canoes and by the time I got my camera from its water proof bag, he was beating a hasty retreat.

The highlight of my day, though, was spending it with Molly, probably the child most like me yet the one I know the least. I was amused to see her taking a picture of the shallow root system of a tree that had toppled over near the river bank. I don't think she reads my blog, so she doesn't know why that brought a smile to my face.

An exciting event tomorrow--my first internet date! Kathie from Sycamore Canyon is visiting her family in Maine and we are going to meet for lunch and some bird watching. I have enjoyed getting to know so many people through their pictures and stories--it will be a real treat to meet Kathie.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good time, we're off in a few minutes to meet our daughter for a birthday dinner and we may take a spin in her kayak later, I've never done it before:)

Ruth said...

It is funny to see your personal trait in your children. Funny too how they don't prefer our blogs! ;-)

The Texican said...

I think I would really like that. Glad you and Molly were able to participate. Tell Kathie hello for me. I really enjoy her bird and poem blogs. Pappy

Beth said...

bookbabie, I hope that you enjoyed your dinner and the kayaking--the secret to getting in and out--keep your center of gravity as low as possible.

Ruth, it is funny how they end up sharing our personality traits--I guess that's why we should do our best to only show the good traits.

Texican, it was a lovely day with Miss Molly. I will tell Kathie hello for you--it rained all night and is supposed to continue during the day so we may just settle for lunch and skip the bird watching--I'm sad about that.

Stephanie said...

looks like it was a lot of fun

TheElementary said...

"Molly, probably the child most like me yet the one I know the least." What a profound description of your daughter- I loved it.
I enjoyed your moose photo- you got the kind of picture I could never catch- the moose really running.
I think your daughter taking an interest in root systems is a good sign that you've influenced her in the ways of nature. How lovely.
Good luck on your 'internet date' :) Funny, but before I read this I was thinking and said to Spouse that "before the summer is over I would like to have met Beth."
A good coincidence, I think.

Beth said...

Stephanie, thanks it was fun.

The Elementary, thanks for the nice comment on my post and I would love to meet you and spouse this summer too! (or fall or whenever). Let's try and figure that out.