Monday, July 7, 2008

Spreading Memories on Toast

It was a gold star weekend in New Hampshire that included hiking, music, friends, relaxation, fireworks, campfires and good food.

We always have a good time at Camp Calumet. There have been many summers since 1995 that Charlie has worked there. Two years ago he was newly back from New Zealand and working there when I sent him an e-mail that said "the definition of insanity is doing the same the over again and expecting a different result." Then I told my secretary that I was going to the grocery store, got in my car, drove past the grocery store and on to Calumet (I remember nothing about that two hour drive). I parked my car and started walking around, ready to bolt at any moment until I ran into some friends of his who escorted me to where he was........ a few weeks later we were married.

On the way home yesterday, I stopped and picked strawberries in the fields below White Horse Ledge and Cathedral Ledge where Archie learned to climb.

Then while Charlie watched the Red Sox and the Yankees into the wee hours of the morning, I made strawberry jam. Now, we can spread memories of this weekend on english muffins all winter.


The Texican said...

Hey, your roots are showing. Strawberry jam and love stories, and good writing - why should we look elsewhere for entertainment? "newly returned from New Zealand" - gotta love that. Glad you had a great weekend. Thanks for sharing. Pappy

KGMom said...

Awww--Beth--I love the title of your blog. Great way to remember fondly what you have done.

beckie said...

Ahhh! True Love. What good memories. And yes, everytime you have the stawberry jam, you will remember love all over again. Thanks for sharing your story, but how about sharing some of the jam??

Jayne said...

Yummmmm Beth! Is there no end to your talent? :c)

Rondi said...

How lovely! And your description is perfect!