Saturday, October 25, 2008

Indian Summer

It was the last girls' soccer game of the year yesterday and I finally managed to go and see one of my favorite kids-that's-not-my-own play.

My high school experience is one that I rarely talk about but it did not include high school sports. It did not include dances or clubs or field trips or science labs or foreign languages or even teachers. I went to a small Christian school back in the 70's during a Christian school movement that swept the country at that time. My school used an independent learning curriculum called Accelerated Christian Education and I was one of two graduates in 1977.

Like I said earlier, I don't talk about it, I certainly regret it and I once heard my oldest son tell his then girlfriend--"Don't ever ask mom about high school."

But, I survived and made it to college and the scars of the past are just that nothing more. Nothing, though, was more important to me for my children than a real high school experience and this little town gave it to them.

I wish that I had been able to absorb lessons from high school sports and from teachers that challenged me to venture past the boundaries of what I thought possible. But, that's water under the bridge. I've learned to think, I figured out what I should have learned then and after four kids I have been to enough sporting events that some of those life lessons should have rubbed off on me.

Those thoughts come back to me from time to time, though, as I sit in the sun and watch soccer and wonder what it is like to be 16, have a ponytail, wear shorts and chase a ball up and down a field relying on your teammates.


Judi~Gmj said...

Your never to old to try. You are never to old to learn. put you hair in a pony tail if it's not already, and go kick a ball with some friends. :D

rach :) said...

One of these summers we're hoping to start up "Sunday Night Soccer" again, where people of all ages just show up at the field at 5: we divide into teams then, and just play. WB started this one summer Before Kids-- probably 13 years ago now?-- and it was an absolute blast. If we get it going again we'll be sure to call you!!

Beth said...

Judi-You are right!

Rach--Yay!!! I'll be there--ponytail and all.

The Texican said...

Hi Cuz,
I have been in Mississippi for a week (Mother's remaining sister died) and just returned yesterday. I just caught up on your posts. I will be hitting the heavy political stuff this week, so I'll just come visit you here. Pappy

Katie : said...

That does sound like fun, Rachel. It's like Peak-A-Week, but Soccer. Way cool!

For me, running around a court or soccer field was lots of fun and it played in a big part in my formation.

Whether it's sports, drama, debate or whatever, extra curricular pursuits are so important as children grow into big people.

As a result, when I hear the hum of voices and applause from the fields around the block, I feel a pull to go and watch.

Beth said...

Texican, thanks for the warning--I'll keep my distance and my blood pressure.

Katie, you are right, I always feel so left out when people talk about their high school and college experiences--mine were much different and very solitary. I made up for it with my kids though.

Jayne said...

What always strikes me these days is how STRONG girls are! I mean, we played basketball (half court) in school, but that was about it as far as "sports" went. It is so cool that it's now a great thing for girls to be so athletic and strong. So many life lessons in team sports as you said.

Nan said...

Very, very interesting, Beth. My high school experience was so typical (for my time, anyway), the word could have been coined for it. :<)

Not soccer, but field hockey. I'm a rabid fan of the sport. I played it and my daughter played it. Chix with stix. :<)

RuthieJ said...

Hi Beth,
I graduated in 1977 too. I'm amazed how much girl's athletics has changed since then (well, I guess 30 years is a long time too!)
I have a few good memories of high school, but more awful ones and I'm glad I'll never have to go through it again.