Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Just an October day

After a rainy summer, autumn is shaping up the same way--maybe, maybe, maybe all the precipitation means another super snowy winter!

The foliage this year does not seem as spectacular as it has in other years but it is still very beautiful.

Today I drove through the western edge of Maine through the towns of Stoneham, Lovell and Fryeburg. I met with one of the teenagers on my caseload at Fryeburg Academy. Fryeburg is a quaint town with a Main Street full of antique stores and large colonial homes resting behind wide yards. The sprawling campus of the Academy is the centerpiece of the town and students travel from all over the world to attend the school which claims Daniel Webster as one of its first headmasters. Local students use the Academy as their local high school giving kids from Fryeburg an opportunity for a much different educational experience than most high school students in Maine.

From Fryeburg, I headed across the border and into New Hampshire to a town named Effingham--why do I feel like I am swearing when I say the name of that town? The road leading to Effingham twists around lake after lake and I risked life and limb to pull over on the narrow road a time or two for photo ops.

High on Green Mountain in Effingham, there is a rehabilitation facility for people with brain injuries. I had a client to meet there and his case gave me a lot to think about as I twisted my way back home.

Now at home, the rain is pounding the tin roof, Charlie is at a pre-season meeting for ski coaches, the cats are all restless and the Red Sox don't play until 10 p.m.


Judi~Gmj said...

so inspiring! I just want to curl up and read. That was triggered by the sound of rain on a tin roof! Lucky lady you are.

Sharon said...


I appreciate the work you do as an advocate - and I currently am following three recent head/brain injury patients via their blogs or medical update journals.

They are certainly going through the struggles of the change this has made in their lives - all fairly young adults -- but there also is such a change for their families as they struggle with the medical terms and issues, etc.

Anyway, I'm so glad you could enjoy that fall foliage on your trip. Blessings,

beckie said...

Beth, I appreciate your risking 'life and limb' to get those shots. While maybe not as spectacular to you, ther are gorgeous autumn to me!

Jayne said...

Can't wait to see all these colors down this way. Have a great day Beth! :c)

Beth said...

Judi, the rain makes me want to read too--and bake cookies.

Sharon, thanks--brain injury is a sad sad situation. My dilemna is helping someone establish that he is competent to manage his own life--how much competence should really be required to do that? A tough question.

Beckie, thanks it is pretty--the midwest is pretty in the fall too--the combines working hard the harvest coming in.

Jayne, the colors are on their way just behind the birds.

Beth said...

your photos are beautiful....with my sister being in maine and now with me having been in new hampshire, that area has a little piece of my heart, as I know the beauty there !!

effingham....funny, as we have an effingham illinois that we drive through when we head south....

and now let's get you in front of that's not as bad as I thought it would be.

do you have a macro lens for your camera?...might be something to add to your christmas's love at first sight !!!

Anonymous said...

Beth, After a summer off from reading your blogs, I've fallen back in love with your words! Your stories are so vivid, I feel as though I was there. You're something special.
PS Yesterday I smashed my thumb with my Effingham hammer! :)

TheElementary said...

"I risked life and limb to pull over on the narrow road a time or two for photo ops."
And we thank you heartily for it :) This is always my favourite time of year, wherever I've lived, and these kinds of posts speak to my heart!

The Texican said...

When you only have green to brown, any color is appreciated. Thanks, Pappy

Kathiesbirds said...

Beth, how could I forget that you are a Red Sox Fan! Gus is having withdrawals because the games aren't on out here! Love all the New England Scenery shots. I never made it to Fryburg. It looks like lovely country. I have Gus stopping in the middle of the road to let me look at birds sometimes. Good thing he's driving! LOL!