Monday, October 20, 2008

Main Street Monday

With all the politicians trying to distance themselves from Wall Street and attach themselves to Main Street, I have decided that for a while anyway (until I get bored with it), I will feature Maine Main Streets on Mondays.

Dixfield's hub is at the intersection of Weld Street (Rt. 142) and Main Street (Rt. 2).

Doug's Dogs is a staple of the intersection. Every day from the time the snow melts until it comes back again, Doug is selling hotdogs from his little cart in the parking lot of the American Legion. Doug has outlasted at least four restaurants who have opened and closed in the time that I have lived in town. In the winter months, he travels to Florida with his hot dog cart. I suspect that he is a very successful businesman, I know he's a nice guy and Charlie takes every opportunity to pick up a Doug's Dog for lunch.

Across the street from Doug's Dogs is the Bangor Savings Bank. If Bangor Savings Bank has had to be bailed out by the federal government, that news hasn't broken in the Rumford Falls Times yet. National news reports say that small local banks are the safest from the current financial sunami.

Alot of big trucks rumble through town. We have a lumber mill and there is a paper mill downstream in Jay and one upstream in Rumford. Huge 20 ton trucks hauling logs rumble through town at all hours of the day and night.

The gas price at the new Towle's Corner Store is at $2.69 per gallon today. Lower gas prices have to help the truckers and loggers whose incomes support the other businesses in town.

The Towle's Corner Store is a new business by a family who also owns the adjacent hardware store. The Corner Store opened up last fall and features really tasty meals and wireless internet along with the usual convenience store stock.

The Towle's Hardware Store is undergoing extensive remodelling and expansion even in the face of headlines that scream recession.

There are a lot of houses for sale in town and some that have been sold for far less than they should have been worth. I have no doubt that people are suffering greatly from the current financial situation, from fuel prices and fear but I also think that people on Main Streets in Maine and probably all over the country try to live within their means, pay their bills, raise their children, take care of their elders and they can't really comprehend what a trillion dollars looks like. I know that I can't.


Mike said...

This is inspired. Very cool. Can't wait for the next edition.

I'm can't wait for teenager to return.

Carey's Corner said...

It kind of reminds me of Mayberry, NC, Maine's version of it. Thanks for the glimpse of the town, I hope small towns always remain a part of America's landscape.

Beth said...

Thanks, Mike, that's high praise indeed--feel free to join me in the feature--I hope it catches on with others. I'm nervous about the return but excited, too. The plan is for me to go fetch him the weekend before the 2nd quarter starts.

Carey, Mayberry---hmmm, maybe--or perhaps Twin Peaks (see my earlier post) :-)

KGMom said...

Ahh--Beth--a grand idea.
Main Streets everywhere are wonderful. Of course the problems on Wall Street affect Main Street--it is not a them vs. us situation, even though you might think that from what we hear.

SJ said...

Very unique blog idea! If I wasn't afraid that we would blog about the same Main Streets I would join in. Glad that you captured D.U.!

Sharon said...

Okay, Beth, first the mountains, scenery, and fall splendor of Maine -- now you tantalize with Main Street :)

Maine's tourism department can take a lesson or two from you...I'm hoping for an opportunity in the future to visit your fair state. Thanks for the wonderful writing,

Beth said...

KGMom, you are right, that's why I thought that it would be good to profile the Main Streets and see what effects there are--this post painted a rosier picture than I meant to--it's my nature I tend to paint everything glossy. I'm going to try and be more critical next week.

SJ, so what? Go for it--we'll have different perspectives. I think it would be fun--you could go state-wide and be our RVB ambassador to Main Streets with a Mardens!

Sharon, well be sure to let me know if you head this way and I'll show you around. Montana is beautiful too. I enjoy everything that you share from your state.

Jayne said...

It so reminds me of a small north GA town as well Beth. So quaint and yet so solid.

RuthieJ said...

I really like small towns--Thanks for this visit to your town, Beth. Looks like a great place to live

Judi~Gmj said...

Ahh... you live in Paradise? :)
It is nice, normal and pretty.

Kathiesbirds said...

What a great idea Beth! I hope you keep it up! Post one on Livermore Falls for me, will ya?