Friday, November 7, 2008

Economic Stimulus?

I'm really trying hard not to spend money right now--but I'm not really very good at not spending money. I was in the big town of Augusta and went into Eastern Mountain Sports to buy Archie some climbing chalk and this guy greets me at the door and said "Did you know about our sale?" "No, but please do tell me about it."

Twenty percent off everything, forty percent off other items and forty percent off of the forty percent off on yet other items using some confusing mathematical formula that comes into play on items with a yellow tag.

I started out with good intentions and found Charlie two pairs of pants. Then I saw the wall with shoes on it. I am constantly searching for foot comfort and always find solid, sturdy, long-lived, fairly unattractive shoes at EMS. Today was no exception. Two pairs later I'm having a little bit of buyer's regret but mostly enjoying the feeling of a new pair of Keen shoes on my feet.


rach :) said...

What size keens do you wear? Mine (37.5 slip on clog like things) just don't do my feet good-- whatever my current issues are, my keens don't help. I feel bad having them just sit here... let me know if you're interested!

Ruth said...

I bought Keene sandals at your recommendation and wore them every day this summer and into the fall. They don't even look worn and they were wonderful for my feet and knees. I will have to check out the shoes for winter.

Beth said...

oh Rach, I am way too sensitive about my big old feet to post my size on the internet--but I'd love to try out your clogs!

Ruth, I'm glad you liked the sandals--I think they last for years and years. I just bought my second pair but had my first for 3 years that included some pretty intense hiking in difficult terrain.

KGMom said...

Beth--you are HELPING the economy!
And my personal mantra is--never pass up buying comfy shoes when you can.

Marianne said...

Keens are my favorite shoes too. What do you think of the snow boots? have you ever tried them? Thanks in advance for any info!

Jayne said...

I feel the same way about my Dansko clogs and sandals. My feet just can hardly stand to be in anything else! And, heck, a good bargain is a good bargain. :c)

Kallen305 said...

I too am trying to control my spending but I find it difficult because there is so much on sale.

I LOVE your shoes. I didn't even hear of this brand until I read your blog. I will have to do some research on them. I have a hard time finding shoes because I was cursed with Fred Flintsone wide feet and have a hard time finding a shoes that I both like and are comfortable. This brand looks as if it will meet both of my requirements. ;o)

Beth said...

kgmom, well I'm just trying to do my part to boost the economy!

Marianne, snowboots--oh dear--I think more boosting of the economy is in my future.

Jayne, there you go--a bargain is a bargain--I knew I could count on my blog friends to validate my spending.

kallen, Keens may be the shoes for you. I have a painful bunion on my foot and the wider width takes the pressure off it and keeps my feet happy.

SJ said...

Don't feel bad, you were complicated by the weird math involved by the sale. Congrats on the new Keens, I'm waiting for the perfect pair to find me.