Saturday, December 27, 2008

A new semester of Maine Life 101

blog readability test

Movie Reviews

Well, that was a surprise! I really expected that my overuse of exclamation marks would have down-graded the level of my blog. I do like exclamation marks and now feel validated in my frequent employment of them as a literary device!!!


beckie said...

Beth, did the test-NOT going to tell the results!! But, there goes my hope of writing the great American novel! :) I'll bet it's my over use of exclamation points! I like them too!

By the way, Have a safe and very Happy New Year!

Weather Boy said...

I was embarrassed at first to see my rating (junior high, which was encouraging that at least I'm probably reaching my students) and then I put in individual posts. My "At 89" post, on Pete Seeger, scored significantly higher.

My guess is it has to do with sentence structure and completeness.

Play around with it; it's fun!

Jayne said...

Uh, I think it's just random? It said my blog was "Genius" level? Baaahahahahahaha.... talk about loving exclamation marks and ellipses!! Genius reading level? Not likely!

Ruth said...

I came out at High school level. We are encouraged to write our patient handouts at a 6th grade level. Good writing can be simply done, Beckie and Weather Boy.

Mary said...

High School - no surprise :o)

Rondi said...

Mine came out "Genius" too, but I suspect it's because I quote writers I do consider to be geniuses, not because of anything I wrote myself. Maybe Weather Boy is right, that it has to do with individual posts.

Whatever the case, it was a fun quiz.

Happy New Year!