Saturday, March 28, 2009

A friday evening with Miss Molly

Molly met me at the Foggy Bottom Metro on Friday afternoon and after hugs we walked down to Georgetown and found a nice little Italian Restaurant for dinner. I love listening to her order with her perfect Italian pronunciations acquired during her junior year of high school when she experienced Milan while Archie and I missed her. The Italian language sounds like spoken art to me.

As we talked over our pasta, it quickly became apparent that I wasn't in Dixfield any more--well actually that should have been apparent when I glanced at the menu and didn't notice anything that had been deep fried. People in colorful and flowing cultural dress and speaking lyrical languages passsed by our table and on the street outside the window. While I absorbed the city and the calories in our delicious meal, Molly told me all about her adventures and her classes and her plans. I cherished every word.

After we ate, we walked back up to Foggy Bottom pausing to browse in a paper products store. We both love paper products--stationery, cards, boxes, journal books. We didn't buy anything but it was fun to look and dream. There were invitations that were so pretty that I wanted to have a party just for an excuse to use them. After the stationery store, we went to her dorm room so that she could get a jacket. Her roomate had to leave school due to the economic blight that is affecting so many and Molly ended up with a single room for the semester.

Once she had her jacket, we walked down to the National Mall pausing at the Nurse's Memorial before climbing the steps to Lincoln. We sat on the steps in the setting sun and she pointed out where she had stood during the Inauguration Concert (roughly where Jenny was in Forrest Gump). She told me that she and her friends had arrived at 8 a.m. for th 2 p.m. concert but had seen Cheryl Crowe, Garth Brooks, U-2 and others perform before the soon-to-be President. She said it was cold waiting for such a long time but that it was worth it to be part of such an event. As we walked from the Lincoln Memorial toward my favorite--the FDR Memorial on the Tidal Basin, we passed the Korean War Memorial (my other favorite). The Korean War memorial is truly haunting.

We crossed Jefferson Avenue and headed around the Tidal Basin toward the Roosevelt Memorial. If I lived in DC, I would go to this memorial every day. It is full of symbolism suffused with nature.
We decided that was enough for one evening stroll and started to head back to campus detouring slightly to walk through the World War II Memorial pausing to look back at the Lincoln Memorial and then turning to look at the Washington Monument. She pointed out to me where she had stood during the Inauguration--too tiny to even see the jumbotrons--she nevertheless experienced something that she will never forget.
After enjoying so much on the National Mall, I left her at her dorm and headed to the metro and to my hotel and to bed. We have plans to meet this morning with her friend Julie and my rental car and head south of town to the other kind of Mall.


Jayne said...

How fun to see all these Beth. And, how much more fun to see how she's grown and further matured. Hope the other "mall" is lots of fun too! :c)

beckie said...

Beth, never having been to Washington I didn't realize there were so many beautiful statues other than the ones we always see in the news. Thnak you for showing us some of the wonderful exhibits.

So glad you and Molly have a chance to catch up and enjoy each other.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a nice visit to be treasured for sure. I too like the Korean War Memorial. It is somber and haunting. I have a friend who has shared many stories of his service during the war. He was a Marine that was part of the Chosin Reservoir. Many Army and political leaders gave up on them. They were surrounded and severely out numbered by the Chinese Army. They fought their way out with the help of the air support provided by the Navy. They are called the "Chosen Few". They lost many brave comrades and also battled the elements, 75 degrees below zero and blowing snow. My friend received the Purple Heart for the severe frostbite injuries he suffered. All Americans should read their story.

NCmountainwoman said...

Your post brings memories of DC visits. I also love the memorials, especially the FDR one with its rushing waters. Nice photographs.

Marianne said...

I feel your joy of being with your daughter right there in my mama belly! This was so fun to read. xoxoxo Marianne

Jack and Joann said...

Hope the rainy weather in D.C. and VA didn't spoil your visit to see your daughter. Enjoyed your photos. I too find the Korean War Memorial spooky. We like to show out of town folks that monument after dark when it really takes on a super spooky look.

Kathiesbirds said...

Beth, what an awesome experience! I know you will have more stories and photos for us when you return! I have never been to the capital. Have you seen any new birds? Are you enjoying the cherry blossoms?

KGMom said...

Oh, you make me long for the days our daughter was in college at Georgetown. We always loved visiting her--and eating out there. Mmmmm mmmm!