Sunday, March 1, 2009

Great Caribou Bog Wicked Winter Ski Race

Today Charlie competed in the 24th Great Caribou Bog Wicked Winter Ski Tour and Race. The race goes from Bangor to Old Town over a 17 kilometer trail that winds through forests and bogs.

It was a mass start with all racers starting in one big bundle. By the 3 kilometer mark, he said the field had spread itself out. When the camera and I caught him at the 8 kilometer mark, he was coming through the woods alone.

The few kilometers that I skied were very enjoyable and made me anxious to ski the race next year with him--well to start with him anyway.


beth said...

wow...good for him !
I'd rather poke my eyes out with tooth picks than do anything like this...but it looks like you both had fun being out !

KaHolly said...

Looks liek fun! I blogged about my adventures x-country skiing. I think I'm ready to enter next year's race!!

Jayne said...

I am exhausted just watching him! LOL... I'm with Beth.

The Texican said...

Congrats Charlie. Looks like a nice day in the woods. I've never lived in an area where the snow lasted more than a day or two, or was deep enough to do much more than build a small snowman. I've never skied, snow-shoed, ice skated, or fished through a hole in the ice. I'm depressed. I guess my life is missing that frozen component. I did stand on top of an open pump truck in the freezing rain near Meridian, MS one night. Pappy

Cindy said...

This looks like fun. How did Charley do in the race? I tried cross country one winter. Although I was not very good at it, I had a lot of fun. We got snow last night and actually have a very rare snow day from school, Woo hoo!!