Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rainy Days and Sundays, Mondays, Tuedays....

Please note the juxtaposition of the verdant growth of raspberry canes outside of the window and the roaring fire in the woodstove. Another rainy day in the 50's in northern New England and we have only FIVE pieces of wood left in the barn--I guess we'll have to start burning books and furniture soon. I try to recall summer, but the memory is proving elusive.

So, we do what we can.

Molly just finished a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle of sunflowers and I gave into an impulse purchase and bought 8 yards of fabric at Walmart without any idea of what to do with it. But, you see, the fabric contains outlines of all of the states with their attendant flowers and birds. Ideas are welcome. So far I have come up with curtains for the bathroom and placemats but that still leaves me with about 5 yards of unplanned fabric. I'm thinking about a skirt and matching handbag--is it really tacky to wear a skirt that matches your bathroom curtains and your placemats?

Yesterday, Molly and I decided to brave the weather and head off onto the trails in order to climb Mt. Willey and check another 4000 footer off the list. Our original plan was to hike to a mountain called Bondcliff--that one is an 18 mile hike and so we needed to get going really early in the morning in order to get out of the woods by dark. When I woke Molly up at 5, she suggested that perhaps another shorter hike that would allow her a few hours more sleep would be a better idea. I was happy that she gave me an excuse to change our plans, hiking to Bondcliff in questionable weather with high water at the river crossings was probably not a great idea. So, Mt. Willey it was.

Mt. Willey is the southernmost peak in a range of three 4000 footers at the eastern edge of the Pemigewassset Wilderness in New Hampshire's White Mountains. The day was rainy and the rocks were slippery and wet but there is no place that I would have preferred to be.


beckie said...

Beth, I have been hearing about your 'no summer' summer. Ugh! With weather like that, it would be hard for me to have the energy to do anything, let alone climb a mountain. But I know how much you enjoy those hikes amd with Molly along, I'm sure it was a great day.

I do hope you don't have to burn the furniture befoe you see some sun and have a warm spell. ;0

The material really looks interesting. How about a valance for the shower to go with those curtains?

Jayne said...

Love the title Beth! :c)
Who knew you'd be burning wood in July! I can't even imagine it.
Love Molly's puzzle, and the view you saw was certainly worth the hike. Just breathtaking. Have missed you here my friend.

rach :) said...

I am sorry about the weather... I feel guilty as I sit through a shower with the sun still shining, looking for rainbows. Good luck with the fabric-- maybe a table cloth?

Marianne said...

Wow! I can't believe it's so cold! I must admit, it looks cozy though. I love puzzles, and woodstoves, and daughters home! So it actually sounds pretty OK to me! I love the fabric! Can I buy a couple of yards from you? I have a birder/knitting friend who would love a knitting bag out of that fabric! hahahaha What about a quilt? Napkins and tablecloth? Hey! How about sewing edges onto plain towels to match the curtains? The hike looks beautiful....xoxoxo

SJ said...

Great shot from the top! Love the crepscular rays coming through the rays at the top!

Joanie D. said...

Beautiful photo of the mountains, Beth. We used to hike a lot, but haven't for a long time. We want to get back into it, but need to start on a DRY day when we won't slip on the wet rocks.

Beth said...

Beckie, a valance, excellent idea! Thanks.

Jayne,if it wasn't for your daily posts from the sunny south, I would be in total despair.

Rach, enjoy Montana--maybe by the time you get home we will be having normal weather. I hope so.

Marianne, good ideas for the fabric, thanks! yes, woodfires, puzzles and daughters home are the upside of this rainy summer.

SJ, thanks for the new word--crepuscular, crepuscular, crepuscular--I'll use it 3 times today to cement it in my mind.

Joanie D, I hope you do get back into hiking, I'd love to talk to you about it.

beth said...

your summer will come....
obviously late, but it will come... and I hope it is the most spectacular one you've ever seen after all this waiting :)

but believe me...I understand the ENOUGH already part of all that rain because usually that's me... and snow

Cindy said...

Beth, at least you got out hiking for a bit. Although we have had cool sunny days for 2 days now there was a storm about 10 miles from here with enough hail that it had to be plowed. Who would have thought.

Hope summer arrives soon, before it's over!

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