Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Putting the GUSTO in August!

I woke up one morning to an email from daughter, Sara.
come on!! i keep waiting for an update but it never comes.... :( :(

Oops, sorry!

In way of explanation, July, 2009, was something we endured in western Maine and while there were tidbits of greatness and personal joy, mostly it was depressing and trying to blog about it in an entertaining and positive manner seemed too daunting. Our precipitation total was at least three times the normal July amount--almost every day and night had the soundtrack of raindrops and the need for sweaters. But, it wasn't a total bust--we have the greenest August grass that I have ever seen AND last weekend when we climbed Mt. Moosilauke we climbed alongside a waterfall that was breathtaking (well maybe it was the climb that took my breath--but the waterfall was full of water and just beautiful!)

We also had a bumper raspberry crop--I froze 12 quarts for future pies, baked several pies from fresh raspberries and we ate--maybe a million berries--maybe more. Enough are still coming in for my morning yogurt, but by the weekend we will start cleaning out the old canes and trimming back the new growth for winter.

The bees seem to be doing well, but as a first year beekeeper, I can't be sure. The rain has surely hindered them in their nectar gathering and I worry that they won't have enough honey to make it through the winter--or to share with us. After a few months of watching me tend the hives, my Dad couldn't resist any longer and has joined me in caring for the bees. I love sharing this with him. Mom took the picture with her telephoto lense--but I have a feeling she'll be asking for her own hat and veil before too long!

Today, our winter wealth and security was dumped into the driveway--six cords of wood. We (and when I saw we, clearly I mean Charlie) will be splitting and stacking probably right up until we need to use it.

I will try and be a better blogger, Sara, sorry to disappoint--future topics might include
  • what it felt like when the quiet other daugher asked me to share a lobster risotto.
  • what it feels like to still see youngest son out of the corner of my eye--walking up the driveway or around a corner in the hall--but, of course, he isn't there, he has left the nest and the state and the region and is not walking up the driveway or around the corner in the hall but finding his own way 600 miles from home.
  • planning a trip to Europe to see the not-so-quiet peace corps daughter.
Thanks for missing my posts :-)


rach :) said...

I've missed all my RVBers this summer--everyone is quiet! (Even Ms. Sara-- post something for your readers too, girl!) I've hoped it meant everyone has been busy enjoying themselves, rain not withstanding.

Beth, if I can get my act together, I may be by tomorrow or Friday to see if I can harvest any of your remaining berries.

Glad to have you back, no matter your topic :)

Ruth said...

We have had way too much rain this summer too. We had 70mm yesterday alone (about 3 inches) Yesterday's rain/hail flattened my raspberry patch. I don't think any of my girls would miss my posts, lol!

beth said...

you were missed...I almost sent the blogging police but your daughter got to you just in the nick of time !

seriously...summers are busy and we're not going anywhere :)

Beth said...

Rach, you are right--she should post, she has had some amazing adventures--I will nag her.

Ruth, somehow I just love the idea of measuring in metric--it sounds so much more refined. From now on this blog is going metric.

Beth, thanks ;-)it's good to be back, I've missed having my outlet of free speech.

Anonymous said...

I've missed your contributions also.

Kathiesbirds said...

I miss them too! And I was there at the end of June when it was just as dismal!