Thursday, December 6, 2007

A beautiful blue sky day

Today the sky is that shade of blue that we get up here on crisp wintery days. If I had a camera, I would take a picture and you would be nostalgic for an early winter day in Maine--no one gets nostalgic for late winter days in Maine (April, May, early June...)

As promised yesterday, the crock pot is simmering with my organic stew. As if the Omnivore's Dilemna didn't have me freaked out enough about the food supply, there is an article in this week's Newsweek
about diet and fertility. Not that I'm personally concerned about fertility--apparently whatever I ate in the 80's did the trick. But the study gave more information about the risks of too much animal protein. I guess if organic meat is more expensive and we eat less of it and get more protein from other sources, then we'll be better off all together.

I'm off to Good Will Hinkley this morning to see three teenagers. I've always liked Good Will Hinkley and I"m glad that we have a place like it in the state of Maine. It's a big campus with a working farm, it's own middle and high schools and lots of cottages for kids to live in with house parents. I wish there wasn't a need for it, but there is and I'm glad that it's there. In my experience, it gives kids who are without many choices, a good chance to grow up positively. I was interested to realize from reading a book called Why We Run by my favorite author, Bernd Heinrich, that he had spent many growing up years there. From my reading of the book, his memories didn't seem particularly fond, but he did grow up to study great things and to be able to write about them so that the rest of us could understand.


MaineGirl said...

Some of my dad's best growing-up years were at GWH.

Beth said...

wow, that's so interesting. What years was he at GWH? I'd love to talk to him some time about it.