Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Organic Meat

I've been reading the Omnivore's Dilemna
and am really scared about our food supply. I'm only through the first part of the book but what I have learned so far (and this is probably an over-simplification) is that we are intentionally over-producing genetically engineered corn and fertilizing it with a petroleum-based fertilizer and then feeding it to cows whose four stomachs were not designed for corn but for grass. These poor cows are getting up to "harvest" weight in 14 or 15 months instead of the 3 or 4 years it would take on grass. Because the cows aren't built for this hormone-laced corn, they get sick from eating it and are kept alive and growing due to massive amounts of antibiotics. One veterinarian at a feed lot was quoted as saying that if they weren't slaughtered at 15 months, their livers would probably burst. The hormone-laden and antibiotic contaminated waste produced by all the cows in the feed lots gets into the watershed and pretty soon it's into the water supply.

As if that isn't all bad enough, some of the excess corn produced by American farmers (at a financial loss) and subsidized by the government, is used to put corn syrup into just about everything and the cheap calories are contributing to the obesity epidemic.

So, what to do??? I have no idea on a big scale--I'll leave that up to the smart folks running for office; but as for me and my family, we are going organic. I looked on line for organic meats--I could get grass-fed beef from California, but maybe something closer to home without the environmental impact of transporting it across the country. Today, on my way home from court, I stopped at a nearby organic farm and picked up some stew meat. I'll make a stew in the crock pot tomorrow and we'll start our new lives without hormones.

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