Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Do we really have four cats?

One of the nice things about working in a little building just 50 feet from my house is that on days when I'm in the office I can run inside and feed the wood stove or keep a constant cup of tea going.

Back before the kittens, when we were a two-cat household, I would also give Handsome and Little Bear a snuggle every time that I went into the house--but now with the two new kittens, it takes 15 minutes to make my inside run. I pet every cat or kitten that approaches me as I head from the door to the wood stove, then while my tea kettle is heating up I pet whoever is wrapped around my feet. Next, I usually head to the bathroom, the kittens follow--the boy kitten who goes by the names Simba, Aselin, Marmalade, Bam Bam, or Fluffy is particularly fascinated by the flushing action. The little girl kitten, who goes by the names of Nala, Lucy, Judith, Pebbles or Puffy laconically follows her brother. She loves the wood stove and spends hours sleeping close to it while he prowls around and pretends that he is a tiger. Little Bear and Handsome tolerate the youngsters but don't seem overly impressed.

No complaints, though, I love the cats and the kittens and being able to run into the house and pet something warm and sweet. Thanks, M and S for finding them.

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