Saturday, December 15, 2007

Coos Canyon

I just got the most wonderful gift in the mail, a photo CD labeled Climbing 2005 from a talented photographer named Tom Randall.

In October, 2005, Tom was driving around shooting foliage photos up Route 17 and stopped at Coos Canyon. Coos Canyon
is a scenic spot in Byron, Maine between Mexico and Rangely a few miles south of the height of land. What his lens found, along with foliage, was A climbing the cliffs. Tom shot many pictures that afternoon, they exchanged phone numbers and a few weeks later Tom went with us to New Hampshire to shoot at Cathedral Ledge. Tom's gift to me of a CD with all those photos was found with great pleasure in my mailbox this morning.

Today, A is in Rhode Island with two other high school friends and Rolly--his climbing mentor, to compete in a climbing competition at a rock gym. They wanted to have a pasta feed last night to
get them charged up with carbs, why not? We've done pasta feeds for ski teams, cross country teams, soccer teams and track teams, why not the climbing team. So,we whipped up spaghetti and meatballs, lots of garlic bread and brownies. Then about the time I got the kitchen cleaned up, the boys decided they wanted to make puppy chow for the road, so they pulled out the peanut butter, chocolate chips, chex and powdered sugar and made what A described as "imagine deliciousness".

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Kathiesbirds said...

My children use to hurl themselves off the cliffs here. I had no idea there was even a town or that it was called Byron, never mind being named after the British poet! How amazing. Thanks for sending me this link!