Friday, December 14, 2007

Politics and Bird's Nests

I can't get enough of the chapter on Nests and Dens in Bernd Heinrich's Winter World. In this amazing chapter, he tells how animals make the nests for keeping themselves warm or incubating their young.

For instance, a robin builds her nest in two days. The first day she makes a pile of grass, twigs and birch bark strips at the spot she has chosen. The next morning at dawn, she begins bringing mud in her bill and depositing it on her pile. After each deposit she "squatted down and vibrated her body for a second or two then got up, turned a few degrees and repeated the squat-vibration. She performed as many as 16 of these routines after dumping a single billfull of mud or other debris."

Since my last reading of the nest and den chapter, whenever I see mean political news on the television, and it is hard to miss living an hour away from New Hampshire, my mind immediately goes to imagining a robin selecting a spot, gathering her building materials and carrying teeny amounts of mud in her bill, squatting, turning and making her nest; it's so beautiful and so natural and it really has NOTHING to do with mean political news, I can't imagine why my mind does that juxtaposition.

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