Thursday, January 17, 2008

Levels of Consanguinity

Texican with whom I share a grandfather has begun to blog. He is a talented humorist and poet and a great storyteller. The jokes and e-mails that he has sent over the years are Priceless and I'm glad that he found a forum for sharing them with a wider audience. Although our political leanings are as different as our latitudes, I know that I'll be checking Pappy's Balderdash every morning over coffee.

On another branch of the family tree, but this time on my paternal side is Louis. Our level of consanguinity is more complicated but worth a story. In the early part of the last century in a small town in Western Kentucky, a woman named Sheila married a man named Archie. Sheila had a sister named Mary who later married Archie's brother Edward. These two couples bought homes across the street from one another and between the two families raised about a dozen children who were double-first cousins. Louis is the youngest of the progeny of the double-first cousin generation, I am the oldest of the next.


Texican said...

Thank you for those kind words, (I looked the big ones up in the dictionary)and the plug for my blog. I hope to be as faithful on this end as you are on yours. As soon as I get my USB ports in a more accessible location on my computer array, I hope to add more pictures and populate my i-Pod that I got Christmas before last. I find little verisimilitude in the entire political process and I'm sure it will never affect our level of consanguinity. Have a wonderful day.

Beth said...

I just love that word--it was worth going to law school just to learn it!

Anonymous said...

So you're the Alpha and I'm the Omega?
Also, I'd hate to play you in a game of Scrabble!

Beth said...

I like that--I think I got that right, I couldn't think of anyone younger than you in that generation or older than me in the next. If I missed someone--sorry!