Saturday, February 9, 2008

I never took them seriously--but my daughters did. Scary, Ginger, Baby, Posh, and Sporty. When the Spice Girls were all the rage among my then elementary and middle school daughters and their friends, I didn't get it and tried pretty hard to ignore it.

The Spice Girls disappeared about the time my girls hit high school and except for the occasional siting of Posh with Becks, the Spice Girls seemed to vanish from the radar screen. My girls grew into adventurous, well-adjusted, engaging young women just like their friends, although, when the oldest one went to college I noticed that she took our battered VHS copy of Spice World.

Last fall, oldest daughter agonized over the purchase of a new computer. She had the money saved from her summer job, but just hated to part with it. She balanced her need for a new computer vs. her savings account through endless phone calls. When she finally decided to make the purchase, she called me three times before, during and after the transaction.

The morning after her new computer purchase, she woke up and checked her e-mail to find that she was eligible to purchase up to six tickets for the Spice Girl Reunion concert--did she hesitate, did she agonize over the purchase, did she do a risk/benefit analysis of the tickets vs. her savings account--Heck no! She clicked on purchase six tickets and entered her credit card number--spending almost as much as she had for the computer. She called me after a bowl of cereal and by then had already sold the five extra tickets.

So this weekend, the six of them-seniors in college--are in New York for the concert. They rented a car and drove up from D.C., are sharing one room in a hotel in Times Square and are going to have a weekend that they will never forget.

I think that I may have underestimated the Spice Girls all those years ago.


beckie said...

I'm older tahn you, but don't you have an "idol" from your youth that if you got the chance to see again, you would not hesitate? Mine would be the Beatles! And a few years ago we went to see the Beach Boys in an outdoor concert a hundred miles from here. We made a weekend of it and had a fabulous time reliving a memotr of our youth!

beckie said...

Beth..sorry for the typos. It is very early here (5:30) and my eyes aren't focused and my fingers aren't working I guess! I meant "than" and "memory" !

The Texican said...

Years back when my girls were teens, they were on a road trip with my mother. They happened to be talking about the latest "hunks" of the silver screen and stating their preferences when my mother spoke up and said,"I think Ronald Reagan is really good looking." They still tell the story and enjoy a good laugh.

Anonymous said...

Stephanie showed me last week a web page set up by The New Kids On The Block upcomming tour. She said if they came anywhere close....she's gone!
I know how you feel also because Steph was a Spice Girl fan too. She liked Sporty Spice.

Rurality said...

Dang, either computers have come way down or Spice Girls cost more than I would have imagined.

I've been enjoying your photos of all the snow! That's about as close as we're going to get to any snow this year, I guess.