Monday, February 4, 2008

Mardi Gras Party--Sumner, Maine

For an interesting cross-section of people lucky enough to know my parents, Saturday night was Mardi Gras in Sumner, Maine.
We are a southern family, the story of how we ended up in western Maine is a long complicated one but suffice to say that about ten years ago we migrated north.

My mother is a Mississippi farm girl (Texican calls her Auntie Maine). My dad, although from an old Kentucky family, grew up in the city of New Orleans and these two tea tottling Baptists know how to throw a great party. There was wonderful food, interesting conversation, people from all walks of life, mardi gras beads and a Mardi Gras King. It was the perfect antidote for a cold Groundhog Day's night in western Maine.


The Texican said...

The picture is proof you shouldn't give those two anything to drink. If you can wear clothes like that when you're sober, then you should avoid the hard stuff. Great Post

Beth said...

my thoughts exactly!

Anonymous said...

Auntie Maine says if we can act like that at 75, think what 85 might produce!!