Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Snow Day

A snowy morning in Dixfield. The call that the teenager and the teacher in our house listen for just came in, so they will be home and safe today.

I'm keeping an eye on the judiciary website but expect to be driving over the mountain for an all-day trial.

My cousin, Dennis Price, wrote this poem about snow and sent it to me to use in one of my posts since he writes from the southernmost tip of Texas and couldn't imagine that he would have an opportunity to use it. Thanks, Texican, it's a good one!


The snow fell

stacking silent flakes

one thin matrix on another

covering winter’s brown and dormant scene.

Fresh cold air,

white kaleidoscope,

changing pickets and tree branches.

Moving texture,

windborne criss-cross swirl.

Soft to touch,

bright to see

against a backdrop, gray.


The Texican said...

Hey Beth,
I called this morning to see if the entire blogging world had stopped. C assured me it had not. I was able to get a look at your site, but was unable to comment. Great choice of poetry. I'm back.

Kathiesbirds said...

Beth, I use to live in Livermore Falls and Presque Isle. I know where Dixfield is! I've read "Here if You Need Me." Good Book. Have you read any of Louise Dickenson Rich's books? "We Took to the Woods" or "Happy the Land". They are written about the Rangely district, Upper and Lower Richardson Lake and the Bethel area. Great books with an real insite to the Maine character. Good luck with your birding! Are you gong to participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count? I did when I lived there and there were very few people from that part of the state who submitted counts. Your info would be invaluable!