Saturday, March 1, 2008

March 1 in Crawford Notch

The Highland Center is practically buried in snowdrifts. The wind howls through Crawford Notch treating this narrow mountain passage like a wind tunnel. At the top of the Notch where the Highland Center is located the wind is powerful and creates enormous snow mountains. This morning when I headed from staff housing to the main lodge, there was a six foot snow pile blocking the passageway.

The Highland Center experience is very different from my experience at Pinkham Notch a few weeks ago At Pinkham, primarily, I was talking with hikers who were headed up Mt. Washington and who knew what they were getting in to. This facility caters more to families with programs for all ages and seems to emphasize exposure to the outdoors at all different levels. Highland is equipped with all the accoutrements necessary for someone with little experience or equipment to have a very enjoyable outdoor experience. The facility is comfortable and well furnished, the dining is elegant and there is an equipment room stocked by L.L. Bean so that guests can get completely outfitted with outdoor gear at no additional cost in order to go outside to enjoy the mountain trails.

Tonight there is a talk at the facility by Rick Wilcox on his Everest experiences. Rick was a good resource to my son, Archie, when he began rock and ice climbing. I'm grateful for the help that Rick gave him and am looking forward to the talk tonight.


The Texican said...

That sounds like my kind of experience. No gear to lug around. Just show up and start having fun.

Kathiesbirds said...

Amen Texican! I was only on Mt. Washington in the summer and even then the temps were low and the wind howled. Sounds like you've been having some really interesting experiences lately. Seen any new birds? Oh, and my inlaws keep emailing me pictures of all the snow you are getting. I'm beginning to wonder if you will ever dig out!