Friday, February 29, 2008

Highland Center

It's almost embarrassing to continue remarking on this--another foot of snow is expected tonight. February seems to be trying to get the most it can with this storm on its extra day.

After playing lawyer for most of the day, I'm off this afternoon for my second mentoring stint as an Appalachian Mountain Club information volunteer. This time it is at the AMC Highland Center at Crawford Notch in New Hampshire's White Mountains. If Tom and Atticus are able to do some hiking in the Notch this weekend, Tom has said that he will stop in. I must remember to pack a treat for Atticus!

Crawford Notch is named for the Crawford family who settled the area on the western side of the Presidential Range in 1790 and built an Inn roughly at the location of the present day Highland Center. The strong Crawford sons cut the famous Crawford Path--one of the oldest hiking trails in the country--to leads guests up into the high peaks.

These pictures here are looking into the Notch from Mt. Avalon last summer--if I manage to get the time for a quick snowshoe up Mt. Avalon or Mt. Willard this weekend, I expect that the pictures will look considerably different.

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