Friday, May 2, 2008


Before Thanksgiving, Daughter Sara was accepted into the Peace Corps but didn't know her country. She has suspected that her invitation would be to the Ukraine. She was wrong.

Today, she got her posting and it is to Macedonia! How many of us whiled away our time in Vacation Bible School or Sunday School looking at the colorful maps of Paul's journeys in the back of our little Bibles? Well, I hate to say it but until today that is about all I knew about Macedonia.

I think the world has shrunk since those days of daydreaming in Sunday school. The country looks beautiful and Sara is so happy.


Kathiesbirds said...

Wow! How exciting for her! When does she leave and how long will she be gone? What a marvelous opportunity!

Larry said...

That sounds like an excellent opportunity-you must be very proud!
I just camped at Macedonia Park.-Different country though.

The Texican said...

Oh, so it's Macedonia? Great. I know she will represent us well.

Beth said...

Kathie, she leaves in the middle of September--plenty of time to research the country.
Larry--so you did, I enjoyed your post about your camping trip.
Texican--you are my favorite detective.

Jayne said... I had to search my brain. Glad you provided a map. LOL! Congratulations to your very lovely and obviously gifted daughter. :c)

TheElementary said...

She will do well and have a wonderful time.
It's truly exciting. The world has really got smaller, as you say, and there are more opportunities than ever before. And a long enough time before she leaves that she can appreciate the anticipation.

beckie said...

Beth, did you hear about the volcano erupting in Santiago, Chile? When you felt the tremor it must have been starting. It has been thought extinct for 10,000 years. Wow! Hope your brother and family are doing okay. Let us know.

Beth said...

Jayne, thank you--it is a country that we don't know much about. I've been researching like mad the last 24 hours.

The Elementary, it is very exciting and we have lots of time to get ready.

Beckie, Where did you hear about a volcano--I can't find anything on it. My parents are still down there and will be starting home tomorrow.

beckie said...

Beth, I saw it on AOl, I think but here is a web site:

hope this helps.

beckie said...

Beth, this is closer to the one I saw and mentions Santiago, but still not the one that talked about it being dormany fo 10,000 years. Maybe they are getting clearer reports from down there now. I'm sorry to have worried you. I hope all is well with your famiy.

Beth said...

Hi Beckie, Thanks for the links, it sounds like the eruption was farther south than where they are, but I e-mailed my brother asking for a report.