Sunday, May 4, 2008

Rain, cold....I'm thinking blueberry pie

It is an ugly weekend in New England. The rain isn't even the sort that invites play, it's the sort of rain that says "Fire up the wood stove again and find a comfortable spot to curl up." The bad thing is that yesterday was just as bad--anyone can stand one weekend day of ennui--but two is pushing it.

Last night, Prairie Home Companion was in Bangor. It was as good as ever and featured a poet that was new to me. Her name is Maxine Kumin and I plan to search out more of her work.

This afternoon a mother and son from Maine are singing Take Me Out to the Ballgame at the Red Sox game to celebrate the 100th anniversary of that great American song. I hope the weather in Boston is nice for them.

It's almost noon, the teenager and all the cats are asleep. C is reading and I'm about to start baking--warm blueberry pie may be the antidote for this miserable day.


TheElementary said...

What a cozy post- I was beginning to miss this kind since the bad weather supposedly ended. Blueberry pie and books- it sounds lovely.
I didn't know about that song being 100 years old.

The Texican said...

Rain rain go away come again another day. Our farmers are praying for more rain down here. Maybe we should build a pipeline. :)

Beth said...

The Elementary, thank you--the pie was yummy, I had a piece, took a nap and then the rain had stopped enough for a walk.

Texican, it just doesn't make sense that the long growing season doesn't come with moisture and our miniscule growing season comes with lots.

Sara Ray said...


RuthieJ said...

I see the feline neckwarmer is patiently awaiting your arrival in that comfy looking chair.

Nan - said...

I heard part of that show, and loved her poem. She is one of my favorites. PHC is coming near us this summer, and we have tickets!