Saturday, May 31, 2008

Emergency Rations

Last night was Sara's last night at home before she traveled back to DC to spend the summer waitressing and living with friends. She'll be home again in mid-August and will be here until she leaves for Macedonia in the middle of September.

One of the local papers had a very nice article about her commencement speech. Unfortunately, it's not on line so I can't e-mail it to the world, but I did buy 20 copies of the paper and invited the reporter who wrote it over for dinner last night. I'll admit to a teeny weeny bit of gentle matchmaking.

We had a very nice meal of Sara's favorite mom food (manicotti) and much spirited conversation. The reporter is a hiker of great accomplishment; having hiked all of the 4000 footers in New York and New England, he is heading west to hike Mts. Ranier, Hood and Whitney this summer. I asked him about emergency provisions when hiking those high mountains. He said that he is taking some emergency rations but it is something that he would only eat under the most dire conditions.

My first reaction is that he is DEFINITELY a more serious hiker than I am. My emergency rations almost always need to be re-stocked before the next hike.


beckie said...

I'll admit to looking twice at the can before it finally sank in what it was. I don't think even under dire cicumstances would I consider that. Yours on the other hand is what I consider necessary rations! I have been bragging about Sara to non blogging friends and her wonderful speech. I wish her well.

rach :) said...

I actually LOL'd at this one! I agree-- your rations aren't emergency-- they are definitely required.

Ruth said...

You make Fiddler on the Roof, Cadbury and Alpo fit together in one funny story!

The Texican said...

I think the altitude may have affected the guys judgement. Maybe you should look elsewhere for a suitable mate. He didn't attempt to scratch behind his ear with his foot did he? I am with you on the emergency rations - The trouble is mine are gone before there is an ememgency. :)

Beth said...

Beckie, I think if I was starving in a snow cave on the edge of a crevasse on a mountain in a blizzard MAYBE I would open the can on the third day.

Rach, truly a cadbury bar is an essential item--but emergencies happen in all sorts of ways.

Ruth, it's almost like a writing prompt! Maybe my husband should use it in his english class--write an essay combining a broadway play, pet food and chocolate.

Texican, He was just as nice as could be but I'm no Sara is going to Macedonia for 2-1/2 years probably I shouldn't be trying to fix her up with anyone! But, it seemed that everyone had a nice evening.

Jayne said...

I remember when my sister and I dared one another to just take one bite... and it tastes just like it smells. After that, I really felt sorry for our poodle. Love your emergency rations!

TheElementary said...

I too had to look twice!
Hmmm. "On the other hand..." I love the film 'Fiddler...' and can quite see how you've linked them all.
I prefer your rations to his.
You can't get through a strenuous day without chocolate. I'm sure he'll learn ;) Otherwise...