Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Saturday under the Big Top

On Saturday, July 5, at 7 p.m. at Camp Calumet on Lake Ossipee in New Hampshire, Charlie will be playing a concert under the Big Top Tent.

All are welcome.

The song that people most request from him is called Seeds and it was written by Pat Alger and Ralph Murphy. You can hear Charlie's version by clicking this.

The message of the song is mighty powerful. Here are the words from the chorus:

We're all just seeds,
In God's hands
We start the same
But where we land
Is sometimes fertile soil
Sometimes, sand
We're all just seeds
In God's hands

The camp is located at 1090 Ossipee Lake Road, Freedom, New Hampshire.

Make sure to say hello if you come by.


The Texican said...

Tell C to sing one for me. Also tell Calumet they left off the diving directions from Harlingen on their website. Be sure and take you swimming suit - looks like fun.

The Texican said...

Thanks. I liked that. Glad you directed me back. You never know when or where we'll turn up. I didn't know C was blogging.

KGMom said...

Beth--this sweet song is one that one of our church members has sung--complete with playing a guitar. The sentiment of the song has so much truth in it.

beckie said...

Lovely words to the song, Beth. I'm sure C will be a hit. Kind of doubt that I will make it to see you though!

Kathiesbirds said...

I listened to the song. I like the echo. He's a good quitar player too. Nice picking there. I know the song from the Kathea Mattea version. Hope you have fun. Thanks for stopping by. I'll be arriving in CT that same morning!

bookbabie said...

I wish we could stop by. One of our favorite vacations was in a motor home trip out east, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine:)

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Hello Beth,

I came here via the Texican's blog (oh that Pappy!). I liked your comment on his post today. I'm enjoying the scenery on your blog. The other day I blogged about Ogunquit, Maine. I wonder if you've ever been there....

Maine is one of the most interesting states, I think....

Jayne said...

How absolutely wonderful! I so enjoyed listening to Charlie sing and loved the song!

Beth said...

Texican, Thanks--I'll mention the driving directions to whoever is in charge of those things.

KGMom, it is a sweet song, I think I fell in love with Charlie the first time that I heard him sing it--there were lots of ups and downs in between then and now, but I still remember the first time that I heard him sing it.

Beckie, thanks, wish you could make it!

Kathie, I think he first heard it from Kathy Mattea. It's a nice song.

Bookbabie, northern New England is a nice vacation spot--as is the northern mid-west--we live in a beautiful country.

Lavinia, nice to meet you. Come for a visit anytime, your site is very nice too. I love reading about birds and nature and Canada!

Jayne, I'm glad you enjoyed it.